1. My Engagement Ring
Simple, classic, beautiful. Gold band, solitaire diamond.
Reminds me of the trip to New York where we got engaged.
Reminds me of the promise me and my now husband made to each other. That we would be together forever.
Reminds me that my husband is smarter than me and knew things would work out ok when I was scared about other people.

2. My Mummy’s House
It’s a love hate relationship. There are dog hairs everywhere. It is cluttered. The milk is always a day or two after sell by date and mummy insists that “there’s no harm for just coffee”.
Mummy’s house changes your body clock to sleep during the day and being up very very late at night.
But mummy’s house is home. There are no expectations when you’re there. No demands. Always love. It is a home my mummy has fought hard to keep. Even though we are all adults we always have home to go back to. It represents mummy’s love and dedication to her 4 daughters.

3. My Phone
Access to people, social media, photographs, articles. I feel really lost when I forget my phone.

4. Coats
I love coats. I love trying on coats I can’t afford in shops. I get serious coat envy. A good coat makes me feel good. They’re my favourite fashion item.

5. My old passport 
The one I did most of my travelling on.
It has stickers on the outside of faded smiley faces that me and street children stuck on when I worked in Calcutta.
It had my visas from the two times I volunteered in India, which opened my eyes to challenges, unfairness, differences, beauty and my hopes to make a difference in people’s lives.
It was the passport I took on all the teenage tacky holidays during which I felt free and grown up aged 17/18/19.
The passport took me on weekends away with my girls before we had serious jobs/marriages/children/mortgages.
The passport ignites memories that are a little bittersweet.