1. The New Routemaster Bus
Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, this bus makes it a joy to travel around London. Everything about it is so carefully considered. If only all public commissions could turn out this well?

2. Apple iPod Touch
Adding wi-fi to the iPod was a quiet masterstroke. I carry mine everyday. It was my kids, of course, who told me about it. They realised that they could get around expensive phone charges but using one to connect to the internet and talk to their friends. It does everything except receive phone calls – not a bad thing really.

3. Highbury and The Emirates
I was first taken to see Arsenal, by my Dad, when I was six years old. He was taken by his Dad. I have taken my daughters. Going always reminds me of that link to my family and to where I’m from. Why is there that irrational feeling of excitement every time you see that patch of green grass? The downside – the older you get, the more grumpy you are when they lose.

4. Field Notes Notebook
I really hope we don’t go ‘paperless’ anytime soon. These little, austere notebooks are perfect for quickly getting down a note, a number, an idea, a drawing. Or to use to hide a ticket or to keep something flat. The bonus is that they fit into your back pocket.

5. Cornwall
The South West of England is a beautiful place – none more so than at its Cornish tip. I went there every Summer as a kid and I have always gone back since. When it’s sunny, there is no place like it. When it rains, and the mizzle comes in, it’s atmospheric. If it gets too wet, you can always sit and eat a Cornish pasty.