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1. Sunshine
Love the sunshine! Love how it puts the world in a better mood! Its definitely easier to get out of bed when the sun is shining. My brother lives in San Diego where the sun shines all year round – thats the dream for me….maybe not there exactly, but move somewhere with a better climate than Belfast.

2. My Kids
Bit cliche I know, but I couldn’t do a list of my favourite things and not include them! I have a 6.5 year old son called Lennon (that half a year is very important!) and a 4 month old son called Luca. Life changed so much when I became a mum – its hard work at times, but also the best job in the world.

3. Ibiza
I’ve only been a few times but I can’t wait to go back again! Its such a cool island that definitely has something special about it. I went with all my friends and sisters for my hen weekend in 2011 and it was one of the best weekends I’ve had  – we still talk about it loads and laugh!

4. My Engagement Ring
I didn’t think I would ever love a piece of jewellery so much, but I do! I find myself just looking at it sometimes and it just brings back so many amazing memories – of when my husband proposed to me in a ski lift in Lake Tahoe and of my wedding day in Lusty Beg!

5. Music
Not much explanation needed – where would we be without music?! I love listening to music, I love singing to music (trying to, badly) and I love dancing to music (again – trying to, badly). I love how songs remind you of certain times in your life and bring back memories that you had totally forgotten about