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1. Being Barefoot
I’ve spent most of the past decade wearing either flip-flops or being barefoot – and i’ve realised i’m at my most comfortable in shorts and not a lot else. Working in an industry with a relaxed dress code is one of my favourite things. Its no surprise that the few Winter months that force me into trousers are also the most depressing.

2. Ice-cream
Easily my favourite food, no small feat when you think about all the Double-Deckers and Vanilla Cokes out there. But Ice-cream is just magical. Pair it with warm pecan pie, stick it in a cone with sprinkles and sauce, or drown it with Dandelion & Burdock in a big glass, basically you can’t go wrong. All time favourite? Ben & Jerry’s Core Sundae with hot caramel sauce (cinema lobby, not supermarket) Current fave? Joe Delucci’s Coconut Gelato.

3. Young Guns, 1 & 2
These films have it ALL. Western? Check. ‘Brat-pack’ Bromance? Check. Endlessly quotable dialogue? Check. Incredible Hair? (I’m looking at you Keifer) Check! Cameos? Check. Rousing getaway scene? Check. As if that wasn’t enough rad in one franchise, the Jon Bon Jovi soundtrack is perfect. ‘Bang a drum’ gives me goosebumps every time.

4. Falmouth
Hard to pick a favourite place, but Falmouth probably pips my childhood home village since my folks moved away. Uni is always a formative experience, but when Uni is 3 years spent in an idyllic seaside town in Cornwall, its no surprise it creates deep roots. I feel compelled to return every year to ‘the source’, to re-charge, and re-focus. Also, pasties.

5. Along The Way (book)
Spanning nearly 50 years of family history, this book chronicles the remarkable lives of father and son Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. This narrative is organized around their physical and spiritual journey along the Camino de Santiago, Spain, the thousand-year-old pilgrimage path which traverses Galicia. Sign up to Audible, download the free audiobook, then cancel.