1. The moon
No matter where I am in the world when I look up and see the moon I feel at home. I wonder who is looking at it at the same time as me, it never fails to make me smile. I find it comforting and amazing in its various forms. If it was made of cheese I’d like it to be a baked Camembert. Yum.

2. Animals
I get my love of animals from my mum and although ‘they’ are not a thing as such, they are definitely my ‘thing’ and my life would not be the same without having a deep connection and love for them in many different forms..not insects though!

3. My laptop
I got my first laptop in my late thirties and it (they) have enabled me to learn, create and communicate more than I could ever imagined while on the go. I can be separated from it for a while but when I get back to it and open the lid I feel like a magician opening a box of tricks.

4. Photoshop
Contemporary designers generally have a piece of favourite software and mine is Photoshop. Having learned the basics in the last few years at university as a mature student it has been a good friend and as with many good friends it occasionally drives me crazy, however the things I have created have been totally awesome.

5. TV
From an early age I would sit with my dad and watch television in the evenings…my love of Star Trek still reminds me of him. Some people get lost in a novel but for me it is turning on the TV and having a sense of communion with other tele addicts… live long and prosper everyone out there.