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1. Food
The way to my heart is definitely through my stomach. I couldn’t even begin to name my favourites.

2. My boyfriend
The most patient, supportive and hilarious man I’ve ever met. Makes me laugh every single day and has been my biggest support network for getting through uni!

3. My photo album of keepsakes, memories, ticket stubs, photos
This is the one thing I would rescue from a burning building, anything else can be replaced!

4. Designing
As much hard work and stress it causes nothing makes me happier seeing the finished product and I have never seen my self doing anything else with my life.

5. Reggae/Dancehall music
No better music on this earth to dance to, thank you Jamaica! I also love it when people assume I’m into rock because of my look and are shocked when I tell them my obsession for reggae and dancehall!