1. Lanzarote
This Canary Island has been preserved beautifully unlike many other ‘touristy’ places, thanks to the work of eco-designer Cesar Manrique. There are lots of hidden coves, Manrique-designed architecture that incorporates the black volcanic landscape and beautiful little villages with markets and delicious food. It was the first place I visited after recovering from a serious illness and holds particularly special memories for me as a result.

2. Postcards
Although I like social media and emails for their speed and ease of use, I love postcards for entirely opposite reasons. The effort it takes to write concisely in a limited space is much greater on a postcard as you cannot simply hit ‘Undo’ once the ink has dried on the paper. The postcards I treasure the most were sent to me by my friend Kylie Chan who lives in Hong Kong. As an illustrator, she has a great eye for buying beautiful and quirky postcards and she also writes hilarious things on them. I also love framing postcards.

3. The Guardian/Comment Is Free
Although I don’t agree with all of the things said on The Guardian, I do agree with many of them and like the diversity of topics that are discussed and so it’s my go-to website for news… but also, comedy. The comments section in the Guardian is hilarious and often even better than some of the comment pieces. I think comment sections are invaluable in sparking debate about current affairs.

4. Black velvet dress
This dress was bought about three years ago for my cousin’s wedding in India and I have worn it at least once every week ever since. It’s comfortable, stylish, goes with everything, doesn’t need ironing, just magical really..

5. Dim Sum
This is one of my favourite things to eat. I used to only ever eat Chicken Satay and Sweetcorn Soup at Chinese restaurants until I tasted dim-sum and my mind was blown. These morsels of deliciousness come in lots of delicious flavours/ fillings are usually served around breakfast/lunch time – often steamed and served in baskets. My favourite ones are the Shanghai Pork dumplings and the best places to eat dim sum in Belfast are Lee Garden and Happy Dumpling. In the city I am from in India – Pune -, they are known as mo mos and there is a man on a bicycle that sells them fresh (the exact location for this is secret though as he runs out of them very quickly).