1. Teddy
Teddy is my guy.  He was given to me when I was born and has been loved so much he now needs his second skin transplant.  He’s well traveled, smells perfect and is a great listener.  Even at the age of 32 I can’t sleep without him.

2. Crustaceans
Namely crabs.  I’m a big lover of the sea and I’ve been a crab fisher since I was 2 years old.  I don’t know why I feel such a strong connection to them but I sometimes cry in fishmongers when I see them sat in the ice alive, waiting for the pot.

3. My brother
There is no one else in the world that is more in tune with me.  We have our own language and a very niche sense of humour.  He’s an incredibly weird human and I would literally do anything for him.

4. Fancy dress
I take fancy dress and costume parties VERY SERIOUSLY!!  Go hard or go home!!

5. Death
Death is such a wonderfully well oiled machine.  Nature has totally nailed it.  I’m not saying that the process of dying isn’t scary or that it’s not sad when something dies, but without death there is no life.  I love having that incentive to get up and do something brilliant everyday.