1. My 1963 Fender Stratocaster
I can’t remember when and where I bought it. I’m guessing around 1992. It’s reliable and stays in tune even after all the times I’ve thrown it around, kicked it and dragged it across the stage. I don’t play guitar that often these days but this particular guitar feels so familiar when I do. I think Jimi Hendrix had one the same colour. I’m not saying the guitar makes me as good a guitarist as Jimi Hendrix. That’s for others to decide.

2. Full fat Coca Cola
In a glass bottle with a paper straw, chilled to exactly the right temperature, which I think is 37º F.

3. Center Parcs
This is influenced slightly by the fact that I’ve just returned from a trip there. I’ve been a number of times. I love the swimming and the adventure golf and trying out new things I wouldn’t ordinarily dare attempt. I won a certificate for laser clay shooting at Center Parcs last week and I haven’t been so pleased about anything for years. I like living in a cabin in a forest with no cars. I’d live there if I could.

4. Swimming pools
Most of my ideas have come to me when I’ve been in the water. I’ve written songs and books in chlorinated water.

5. Doctor Marten boots
Especially 8 eye 1460s.