1. Tea
I can’t leave the house without a cup of the black stuff. Soothing and strong that’s how I like it. My world is not the same without Tea

2. Milkshake – My Dog
The most fun loving creature you ever met. On rainy blizzard days (which are often in the West) I am cursing her for having to walk her, but once I am on the beach I am so grateful to be out in fresh air, whatever the weather

3. Travel
I love to escape my daily life, seek inspiration, experience new sights, smells, food. Myles and I built our life on travel and despite having our own business and a dog we are as committed to travelling as ever… free’s the soul and helps you push past any fears or routines that you have

4. Surf
Surfing and I have had a rocky relationship- it has been love/hate. I love being in the water on those perfect clean days with a nice swell running, my board of choice a longboard. Cruising along the green face of a wave- nothing beats the feeling. It is the one and only time I think I am actually living in the moment and focusing on nothing else but catching the next wave. What kills me is the uncertainty- you can’t plan for a surf, you can’t schedule it. If the tide is right, the wind offshore and a good swell, well you just have to drop & go. That is hard for someone like me, who has a busy life and likes control and routine- so herein lies the love/hate.

5. Magazines
My guilty pleasure. I spend a lot of money on magazines and even love the trashy mags… but I love nothing more than jumping into bed with a cup of tea (see point 1) on a rainy afternoon and leafing through a load of magazines