1. Cuckoo Clock
The most interesting and the most expensive thing that I bought when I traveled to Germany.

2. Tsuke-men
One of my favourite Japanese food. There is a famous joke in Japan called Ra-men, Tsuke-men, bokue ike-men. It means I am handsome.

3. Macbook
As most of the modern people, I have to said that Macbook is part of my life. Works, entertainment, and even social, I can’t imagine a day without Macbook.

4. Fresh Data
We used to say fresh fish, fresh meat in our daily life. However, do we say fresh data? Maybe in the future, yes you will. Pace of our life is getting faster and information we retrieved a day is getting more and more. We will pick up the information that is  exciting, needed or fresh when we are unable to digest all the information we received.

5. Web Application
Over the last decade, evolution of Browser is so significant. Browser is no longer a tools used for surfing internet, entertainment, but also a tools used for working, business, and even learning. Nowadays, we used to sharing a file, docs through cloud storage such as iCloud, Google Drive. We used to create a fancy presentation by Prezi, Google Presentation. And there is many others kind of business platform.