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1. Friends and family
Nothing feels better than being with people you love, enjoying each others’ company without needing anything else.

2. Smiling
Seriously. Smiling just feels good. Even by yourself, especially by yourself. Smile along unashamedly in your room, on a walk outside, during a train trip… Smiling makes me feel happy.

3. Food
Food is always good, especially if it has been made with love.

4. Being outside, alone, without distractions
I’ve been practicing this more and more and it helps with everything. Being away (from home, work, school, etc.) for a bit, letting your thoughts flow and breathing in fresh air is an amazing reset button from our busy, distracted, overfull lives. As much as discussions with others help with getting to new perspectives and insights, being outside and spending some time with nothing else but your thoughts can work miracles.

5. Great design
Not clever design nor clean design but GREAT design. Things that have been thought of and that work so well that they make you wonder whether you would have come up with that perfect solution. Great design, whether it be intentional or not, pushes us all forward.