1. San Francisco
For my 50th birthday my family surprised me with a 10 day trip to San Francisco. A US City I always wanted to visit since 1967, believe it or not, after hearing the classic ‘”San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair)”by Scott McKenzie. The trip was made even more memorable when my son, daughter and future daughter-in-law turned up unexpectedly on day 3. Still get goose bumps just thinking about it. What a trip, what a City and what a great surprise. Thanks everyone!!

2. Grandkids
Nothing keeps you young and fit more than running around after your grandkids. I love it as they bring you so much joy and so many happy memories as they grow up. Just hearing them calling out ‘Granda’ makes you feel very special. The more the merrier I say!!!

3. Holidays
I haven’t been on a good holiday for a while but I just love getting in a plane and heading off to sunnier climes. In truth I am a bit of sun worshipper which is not surprising as we don’t see much of it here in Northern Ireland. For me there is nothing like settling down at the pool with a cool beer (or two) and taking the rays, bring it on I say!!

4. Golf
Well it had to be in my top 5!! I am a golf nut, although haven’t played as much recently but my New Year’s resolution is to play more. For me there is nothing more rewarding than playing a good round of golf with good company, as long as they don’t take too much money of you, which tends to happen far too often for my liking!!

5. Park Run
I have become a bit of a running freak over the last few years and take part once a week in my local Park Run (5k). These happen everywhere, they are good fun, free and help you keep fit as well. Nothing like getting a PB (Personal Best), highly recommended.