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1. My Mummy
Mad Mary, my best friend. No matter what is going on in my life she is always there. She’s crazy, absolutely nuts but I would not have her any other way.

2. The rest of my family
Alike to Mary they are all crazy, my two big brothers Paddy and Michael who have always been the father figures in my life and my big sister Meg who never shuts up like but she is a laugh. Last but not least my little gorgeous niece Clodagh, she’s adorable she’s 5 and acts like she’s 20. She’s a mini Mary (My Mummy) and people think she’s my child because we look so alike.

3. Quizzes
Making them I mean, I love making a quiz and asking people the questions especially when they don’t know the answer, I think I get some sort of satisfaction out of knowing the answer when they do not. Lmao

4. Love
I think this could be included in anyone’s favourite thing, but it’s mine because it brings me happiness, it’s the most beautiful yet confusing feeling you can feel. But to feel loved is amazing, and being able to love someone with all your heart is just equally as amazing. I’m in love at the minute with my girlfriend so I guess she’s the reason I’m writing this. She is also one of my favourite things (sometimes.)

5. Memories
There is nothing better than going down memory lane and remembering little things you thought you forgot,  or happy times with people no longer on your life. Memories last a lifetime and making them is even better!