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1. Family
Your family are your family. Whether you love them or hate them. They are your blood. My family mean a lot to me as they are always there through thick and thin. No matter how down you feel, someone can always make you smile.

2. Chinese food
Every Christmas eve evening we celebrate Christmas eve with a chinese take away for dinner. It started when I was young and has stuck as a tradition. It makes me think of the special time of year and the love and happiness we share.

3. Happiness
I feel that happiness is all that I need in life.

4. Traveling
It makes me feel content traveling. Experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. It opens my eyes to a larger world.

5. Steak
It makes me think of my dad. When i was young my dad was in and out of hospital for long periods of time. Every Saturday night we have ‘steak night’ as it is his favourite meal. I like to make him feel appreciated.