five things

1. Music
I really do believe that “Music calms the soul”, “Music soothes the savage beast”, and think there is something to “Whistle while you work”.

2. Walks on the beach
Noticing the sun, moon, ocean and other natural elements always humbles me in a way that in this world there are larger things than us. They put things into perspective when I need to be reminded to not get stuck on the small irrelevant stuff.

3. Cooking
I enjoy the art of cooking and using fresh ingredients. It makes me feel like I am aware of what is good, nutritious, and nurturing when cooking for others.

4. Gardening
I am at peace when gardening, it gives me a sense of home and an unlimited potential to create my own beautiful surroundings.

5. Furry Critters
There is something about the connection to animals and pets that I enjoy and am easily drawn to. I am a big sucker for the unconditional love I get from my cats, they had me at prrrrrrrrrrr……