1. My son
From the first kick to the full baby bump right up to my two year old now saying ‘I love you mummy’ being a mummy is no doubt my most favourite thing in the world! It’s the most challenging, rewarding,difficult, funniest and overall amazing experience! My son makes me feel so many different things all at once, but the one that stands out the most… is happiness. He is my favourite person.

2. Fiji
This ones easy as my memories of Fiji consist of sunbathing on a tropical beach for a month without a care in the world. This was made better by meeting a lot of great people including many locals who were not only friendly, courteous but some of the most generous people I have ever met. Especially Henry and Sam from Bamboo hostel in Nadi. To live a life with very few material things yet be willing to give others literally their last penny was the most humbling experience for me.

3. Singing like no one is listening
I admit I don’t have too many notes in my head but I love to sing out loud when I’m cooking or quietly to my little boy when we are chilling out. Sometimes a little opera voice sneaks in… that’s my favourite!

4. Photography
I love taking and looking at photos of all genres. Recently it’s more photos of my son, family and friends; and using apps on my smartphone means I can edit to create images that are even more special! It always amazes me how you can capture a certain moment and relive it’s feelings and memories over and over. I particularly like old photos of Belfast and comparing them to now.

5. An open fire
There is nothing better on a cold winters day then sitting in front of an open fire with a nice cuppa or a glass of wine. Allowing yourself to be mesmerised by the flickers of the flames is so relaxing and cosy!