1. The Warp 20 Boxed Set (Warp
I’ve been following Warp since they started, I couldn’t resist buying this boxed set, which gathers the label’s history. (I told my wife it was, “An investment.”)

2. The Shining (Letterboxd)
I love Kubrik’s films. Perhaps there’s a part of me that identifies with the film’s central protagonist, Jack Torrance.

3. Typography: My Way to Typography (amazon)
I’ve always had a huge admiration for Wolfgang Weingart’s principled teaching. He amply demonstrates, in this book, the exhaustiveness of his thought processes.

4. Mont Blanc Fountain Pen (mont blanc)
My wife bought me a Mont Blanc fountain pen for my fortieth birthday. I love writing, so it’s pressed into service daily. It’s a beautiful object.

5. Kano (Kano)
For me, this is a relatively new ‘thing’. I love Kano’s mission and backed theirKickstarter instantly. I’m looking forward to the day when Break is over and I can start building my Kano and learning new things.