1. Carter USM
Like all of those goodbyes that you don’t wanna say, The Final Comedown was an emotional affair. But Carter mean so much more than a cheerio and a tear. Thanks Jim and Les for the memories, smiles and above all… The Tunes

2. Human Rights and Politics
The universality of our fundamental rights are worth fighting for for all. The enrich us and provide us with a safety net from abuse. Then enshrine our dignity and our protections. And politics is not only a hobby but what governs Humanity and aallows for the social interaction between those who govern. It enlightens our society and builds legislative cohesion.

3. Music
Without music, life would be a mistake – Friedrich Nietzsche

4. Food
Because It sustains both my body and soul.

5. My Girlfriend
‘Where there is love there is life’ – Mahatma Gandhi