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1. My grandmother’s ring
I inherited this from my mother, who was the oldest daughter in her family,  when she passed away. It was something that, when I was a child, she’d point to and say “because you are the oldest daughter, you will get this ring one day”. It’s a beautiful ring from a beautiful lady and I now get to give my daughter the same thing to look forward to.

2. A picture drawn by my granddaughter, who is 6
She is an amazing artist with a very free style. I would take any of her drawings (or all of them).

3. My Merrells. These shoes get me everywhere
I’d wear them every day, but I’m afraid of wearing them out. My feet hurt after a few hours in any other shoes, but my Merrells keep me on my toes–in the sand, water, hiking, sightseeing, dancing–doing all the things I love to do!

4. The brown and white blanket I got in Urbana, VA with my friend Kim
It’s bee everywhere with me. It is SO SO soft and warm. When I wrap it around someone else, they just hold it tight. I love to share it.

5. My laptop
It’s got all my photos and my drawings and ideas in one place. So many memories are loaded in there. It’s also where I can lose myself on the internet, exploring people, places, history, food, art.