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1. Notebooks
Great for lists, ideas, stories, creating curriculums for self learning and any other process, immediate or eventual that requires some thinking. Doesn’t need to be charged and costs a lot less than its digital alternative.

2. Vacations with my family
We go camping every summer.

3. Thinking
I might put writing or developing here, but those are really just a more focused form of thinking. The forming of concepts and the potential complexity of every thought is endlessly  interesting.

4. The Art of Peace
Wrestling taught me toughness, perseverance, hard work, and that I can flip someone with one hand and one foot. The psychological value of this pursuit far out-purposed the physical.
I guess thats why I gravitated to the Art of Peace and Aikido after that. There are ways to flip people in Aikido too; but more importantly, the associated philosophy teaches to flow with the attack and redirect it. Converted to metaphor, it teaches to harness the energy of a negative force and generate positivity. To always accept life’s hardships by becoming one with them and pushing to the positive makes everything have value, even failure and hardship.

5. Digital Media Technology
Photo & video cameras, lenses, lighting for imaging, desktop publishing software, coding with front end and back end technologies, networks, computers…There is always so much more to learn and so much that can be done with what I already know. It fuels my creativity, and keeps me interested in what I do.