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Thing catch up with Pintrill; a Brooklyn based company who are re-inventing the humble pin badge and bringing it back into 21st century fashion (perhaps they never went out of fashion?!). Either way these guys are creating unique pin designs that are catching on all over the world. “All of our pins are created with attention to detail. We pride ourselves on knowing what’s now and what’s next – always staying ahead of the curve”. We love the simplicity and cleverness of these little pins, definitely a great addition to your favourite denim jacket.

Thing: Where did you guys learn your craft?
Pintrill: The idea for PINTRILL was something that Jordan had come up with while chatting with a friend in Los Angeles. Jordan knew he wanted to do something creative in the fashion world/realm, and create something that was unisex and one size fits all; a great part of that inspiration came from 40ozNYC, a company that designs snapbacks. Being a pin collector when he was younger, Jordan was inspired to create a pin brand — a way for people to elevate their outfits; a small understated detail that made a statement. From there, we started coming up with designs — things that we could all relate to, and things that were inspired by the culture around us.

Thing: Where did the inspiration for company and the products come from?
Our passion for pins stemmed from different places. For Jordan, it was that he always loved pins – “Ever since I was young. Wherever I went I would want a pin… a memento of my trip.” Doni’s inspiration and passion for pins came from her mom. “My mom used to have all these really cool buttons from the 80’s and she gave them to me and I started to put them on my purses and denim jackets.”

The pin packs are designed and inspired by our every day lives: pop culture, what’s new and now but also things that have inspired us in the past… things that bring a sense of nostalgia.


Thing: Any new products in the pipeline in the near future?
Definitely. We are always throwing ideas out there and thinking of what can be the next pin design. Over the course of the next few weeks we have several different pin packs dropping as well as a few collaborations in the works. Stay tuned and check back our website and Instagram for all updates!

Thing: Could you chose 5 ‘things’ that you guys love or that mean something to you? (Products,
gadgets, places, things Etc.)
The below answered by our President and co-founder, Jordan Roschwalb

1. Moleskine notebook where all ideas are written down/drawn out

2. Ferrari Testarossa pin, super vintage super rare and I got it on a trip with my dad.

3. Empire State Building – When I can see the Empire State Building from Brooklyn (where we are based), it’s such a pinnacle of industry – past and present. And for some reason is just so beautiful every time I get to glance at it I feel privileged and I feel a force inside of me that just keeps pushing me to achieve anything

4. Kill Spencer day pack – literally my mobile office.

5. Rolex Explorer II – I bought this watch at a very different time in my life, and it certainly did not fit in a the time, but I began to wear it every day and eventually because of events that unfolded it i ended up here and that watch was with me at the start of this new chapter in my life. So I feel it really holds a part of me within it.


Thing: What’s your favourite record cover?

The below answered by our President and co-founder, Jordan Roschwalb

Honestly no one favourite. But the Yeezus cover, or lack there of is awesome. It lets the album fully speak for itself.

Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra. White Gold. I mean it just speaks for itself. Before you even get to the incredible album awaiting you, you’re greeted by all things excessive and it’s amazing.

LA_new_largeCheck out the guys or buy a pin at their site. Many thanks to Pintrill for chatting to us.