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mishmash stationery

By 09/06/2016Products

mishmash is an office supply brand that was born from the nostalgia of its founder. The inspiration came from her grandfather’s old stationery store, where all of her childhood, she was surrounded by the smell of paper. From an old love story to lost pieces of paper and vintage envelopes, mishmash came along to change the world of stationery by giving design enthusiasts the unique products they have always wanted. As a consequence of years of research and knowledge of editorial design, mishmash aims to fill a gap in the exploration of concepts related to stationery.

What sets mishmash apart from other stationery manufacturers is their bespoke service – mishmade. Mishmade offers the client a bespoke design service where clients can choose their preferred paper stock, notebook size and cover finish. The perfect service for designers, artists and writers who know exactly what they want, but cant find it on the market.

A funky and innovative stationery producer from Portugal, buy their products here.