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Ministry of Sound Rebranded by Spin

By 02/06/2016Graphics

Spin have the enviable task of rebranding one of the music industries most recognisable and iconic brands, Ministry of Sound. Spins’ work is up there with the best in the business – clean, modern and informed. They have interestingly taken the bold step of juxtaposing their new identity beside the old, iconic Ministry marque. The new marque is a refreshing update, and stands strong on its own as well as creating an interesting ‘new versus old’ scenario when used beside the older identity. The original logo was designed by artist Chemical X, and was a ‘spin’ on the House of Commons logo.

The new identity will undoubtedly be used in numerous clever ways as part of the graphic language throughout the Ministry brand – something Spin do so well. The redesign coincides with Ministry of Sounds 25th birthday in 2016. Looking forward to seeing how this new brand develops and evolves.