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Game Of  Thrones star Kristian Nairn is a self professed ‘tech nerd’, he loves gadgets, cars, World of Warcraft and in general all quirky ‘things'; but his passion lies in music. In fact his talent for music led him to become one of Northern Ireland’s top DJs, in the past working with artists such as The Scissor Sisters, Calvin Harris and Mylo; as well as holding a residency at popular Belfast club The Kremlin for many years. However; recently this Belfast DJ found himself not only entertaining the masses behind the turntables as an awesome house DJ, but also on-screen as ‘simple minded servant’ Hodor in the massively popular Game of Thrones series. Fan favourite Hodor works as a House of Stark stableboy on the show and despite his limited vocabulary (one word: Hodor – but you knew that already!) the character is adored globally by the extremely dedicated GOT fan base. Fortunately Kristian can say more than one word and recently I had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with him where I asked him about his ‘Five Things’ – five products, items or things that he loves or that resonate with him personally. We all grow up loving some kind of gadget or toy, so it was interesting to find out exactly what products have appealed to this DJ/actor over the years.


1. The Soda Stream Maker

Who didn’t want a Soda Stream maker as a kid in the 1980s. One of the most popular products of the 1980’s makes it’s way on Kristian’s list as he explains that as a kid he was “obsessed with things that turned one thing into a new thing! As a kid I was intrigued by manufacturing toys and as a youngster the Soda Stream maker just seemed amazing”. Kristian explains that he bought his first Soda Stream from an Argos store whilst on Holiday and that he also adores the original Soda Stream bottle design. Sugary goodness.
VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

2. The BT Push Button Phone

Kristian: “I remember seeing an advertisement on TV for this particular phone and thinking WOW! That is cool. So I begged my mum to get one and she did. I still love the design of this and it’s funny how retro objects like this are now back in fashion. Perhaps proving how good they really were in the first place?!”

3. The Original Optimus Prime Toy

Kristian: “These toys are kind of a triumph in themselves. Again as a kid I was so in awe of how they worked and were able to change from one thing into another. Personally I don’t think the original toys have been bettered by their modern counterparts. Such a cool toy that I spent many, many hours playing with as a kid.”
Sparkling VOSS

4. Voss Water 

Kristian ”Nothing is more satisfying than a drink of this water when it’s really chilled – it’s so much nicer than any other water you can buy. I love that the bottle is glass, which is so much better than drinking from a plastic bottle and I also love that it feels like you are holding some kind of space capsule rather than a bottle of water. Some people may give funny looks when they see you drinking it but I couldn’t care as it’s the best water on the market. I actually get a crate shipped over every month from Norway.”
How cool are these bottles. Surely the bottle alone is worth the price.

5. The Smartphone

“Perhaps not as quirky as the other objects i’ve chosen but to me the smartphone is just the ultimate gadget. Who would have thought we would all own devices like this one day. It’s a TV, a phone, an organiser, a computer; they really are amazing. I’m hoping one day it gets to the stage that we are all wearing them attached to our arms, like in the movie Predator! The smartphone really is the ultimate design icon; the perfect culmination of design and functionality and I really don’t think I could ever live without one again.”


We couldn’t chat to a DJ and not ask what his favourite record sleeve of all time was….Kristian chose Gary Numan – The Pleasure Principle. Very Cool.

More recently Kristian’s DJing has led him to far off shores (Australia, USA, Russia to name a few) and in August 2014 he heads around the world to DJ on the Rave Of Thrones gig tour (mixing cool tunes with a GOT theme). No doubt these show’s will be sell-outs, so if you get the chance to see Kristian DJing on this tour then I can assure you, your in for a treat. Hopefully we can catch up with Kristian soon to find out how the tour went, in the meantime we wish him well for the trip and say a big thank-you for being the first interviewee in our ‘My Five Things’ series of conversations.

You can follow Kristian on Twitter or check out his web profile at his site kristiannairn.com