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Kickstarter. The Rewards, Part 1.

“If you never take any risks, how can you create anything new?”
— Unknown (found on Pinterest)

This quote perfectly sums up Kickstarter; it’s all or nothing. If I don’t reach my required goal — I get nothing. Which also makes it an even bigger and more exciting challenge. I think.

Since my last post I have been working hard on getting my costings 100% right — definitely the hardest part for someone who likes colouring-in, not calculators. But, it’s also the most important part of any Kickstarter campaign. Running a Kickstarter is literally like setting up a micro-business; with everything from production costs, to shipping fees, needing examined and researched, to a tee. To have a campaign reach the required goal, then discover the shipping costs are wrong and the funding doesn’t cover them — that would be catastrophic. So I’ve been putting in the hours, getting quote after quote from all sorts of suppliers; also checking, then triple checking Royal Mail and their amazingly expensive pricing structure. (I really didn’t realise how expensive it is to post objects around the world). And, I’m nearly sure, I now have all the prices and costs, sorted. I hope.

Tomorrow, the real fun (horror) begins — filming the Kickstarter video. Me, talking about the project and trying not to look nervous, silly and/or ridiculous. Thankfully, I have entrusted the filming to a professional — local videographer Tim West — who assures me that I’ll be totally fine. To be honest, I’m also excited to get the video finished, because with that complete, my campaign is more or less ready to launch. Kickstarter statistics indicate that campaigns without a video are 50-60% more likely to fail, so a video is essential. It also makes sense to do a video; it lets people see who I am and it gives me a chance to explain a little bit about my aims and objectives for the project. Filming takes place tomorrow (Wednesday 21st October) in the University of Ulster, Belfast campus; as well as in my own studio and in some outdoor locations around the city. So, if you see the cameras whilst out and about, it’s not Game Of Thrones, it’s only me.

I thought now was also a good time to start sharing some of the rewards that will be on offer as part as the campaign. Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more of these, along with more artwork from the book.

1. ‘Five Modernists? — An A3 giclée print, inspired by a submission to the project by Mike Joyce. Mike is an internationally renowned graphic designer and also is the creator of the amazing project www.swissted.com.


2. The Bookmark — Everyone who buys a book will receive a free limited edition bookmark; this features a design inspired by the project entitled ‘onetwothreefourfive‘. These will be printed on lovely card, are limited to the campaign and most importantly, it will help you remember where you left off when reading the book — handy!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.08.24

The Five Things Book launches on Kickstarter.com on November 12th 2015. With your help, and backing, I can take the amazing Five Things stories from the website, and turn them into a beautiful, design-led book.

Thank-you for reading this, please get in touch if you would like to know more.

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