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An Interview with Armin Vit

Where did you learn your craft?

There is a couple of answers. I learned about graphic design in college. The basics. And those were integral. But the real learning comes from doing and practicing and being very honest about the quality of your work. I have always enjoyed looking at graphic design annuals and showcases because that work serves as a barometer for my own. It’s about constantly making things and trying to refine their execution, every time being much more demanding of yourself.

What or who influences your design work?
I like to look at a lot of graphic design and I enjoy exploiting trends or taking some visual cue I saw in someone else’s work and try to use that in a completely different way. The more design work I see, the more I have to pick from and mix to my own delight. I also enjoy being on the internet. Like, a lot. I love seeing what people are doing and how they are doing it, so that I can use them as examples to follow or imitate and see what that translates when put through my own process. In other words: I steal from the best.

Under Consideration has a huge fan base and is a great example of a massively successful online brand. Has the digital age removed the excitement and enjoyment gained from purchasing a tangible ‘thing’?
I don’t think so. If anything, it’s probably made the experience even more enchanting. I am much more selective about the things I buy, since a lot of the pleasure of information and visuals comes from the internet or my phone or whatever other digital source, so when I see something really cool that’s physical and tangible I really look forward to holding it in my hands.

How important is branding in relation to the market success of a product looking to be the next big ‘thing’?
It’s everything and nothing. The iPhone would have probably succeeded without the Apple brand, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Although Kickstarter products are the perfect examples of a product needing no branding support: it’s just great ideas being approved on their merit. Although, as a designer, my responsibility is to say that everything is better and more prone to success if it’s well-presented and appropriately branded.

If you had to pick one piece of iconic design from the last century as a personal favourite, what would that be and why?
Since this site’s focus is on products I’ll pick the early versions of the Air Jordan basketball shoes. Those things were magnificent. I played basketball for many years and saw the d-evolution of shoes into