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Funk Up Your Desk

Fed up with a boring plastic desk tidy? Or a mundane plastic ruler that breaks after a few weeks? Check out this funky South Korean company – The Alu – who have taken very run of the mill office objects and transformed them into something very cool. The Alu use aluminium (hence the their name) to create sleek, minimal desk equipment and home accessories; sure to liven up even the most boring of spaces. These interesting objects come in four modern colours – red, black, dark grey, light grey – and the finish is a delightfully smooth brushed aluminium. 

The range includes a beautiful desk tidy that can be personalised using as it uses a clever semi-circular design system whereby the sides attach to each other using hidden magnets; so you could create a cool half black/half red version bespoke to you; or whatever other imaginative combination you might come up with. As well these, there are aluminium peg photo holders, non-slip aluminium trays and triangular capsules that can be built to create neat living quarters for your pens and pencils. Definitely office equipment for those who love beautiful things. The attention to detail in the design and production of these products really shines through; definitely a product for lovers of minimal, modern design and unique, ‘not on the high street’ products.

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Check out The Alu company here.