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Fred Perry: Limited Edition

By 23/12/2015Products

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Over the years Fred Perry has transformed itself from a simple tennis sports shirt into a powerful fashion emblem worn by mods, brit-poppers, skinheads and all sorts of other hipster types throughout years. Fred Perry keep their finger on the pulse and adapt their designs to celebrate events, people and music; this is a small collection of their limited edition shirts including World Cup edition, 2-Tone edition and several that pay homage to album designer extraordinaire Peter Blake. Lovely stuff.
Best-Days-Vintage-Colchester-Essex-polo-fred-perry Black_X_Pac_Man_Polo_T_Shirt_20_(1) fred_perry_the_specials_2 fred-perry-21 fred-perry-cycling-2011- (2) fred-perry-peterblake-poloshirts-6 fred1 fredperry Peter-Blake-Fred-Perry Sir-Peter-Blake-Fred-Perry sm4042102front sm4052100front sm4053102front


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