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Coca-Cola bottle evolution


A great descriptive timeline of how one of the world’s most iconic design items evolved over a century. What’s especially interested is noticing how the curve shaped bottle that we readily associate with Coke is now nearly 100 hundred years old; having been first used in 1915. In fact from 1915 to 1991 there really is very little change to the iconic shape of this design classic – “if its not broke, don’t fix it” seems very appropriate here.

The contour bottle often comes up in polls of design classics throughout the years and there is little doubting that the bottle, along with the ribbon logo, are two of the world’s most iconic brand symbols. Branding is a powerful weapon and when attached to a successful product, it can change the way we think about a specific item. After all, it’s impossible to imagine Coca-Cola without the contour bottle or ribbon logo.