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Booom! Coolest iPod Dock Ever!


WOW! That’s the first thing that entered my head when I came across this awesome product whilst recently in Berlin at the Berlin Design Week. Wandering through the side streets of Berlin I was on a mission to find the remaining bits of the Berlin Wall (tourist central), instead I stumbled across a cool little shop that had the most amazing collection of quirky products (unfortunately I now cannot find the name of that shop as I lost the receipt when i made my purchase, clever). Thoughts of seeing the Berlin Wall quickly vanished after I purchased a Berlin Boombox; a very unique  and funky cardboard smartphone/MP3 dock that you build yourself like some kind of modern origami art project. The Boombox is inspired by 1980s Ghettoblasters, the kind that originated in New York as part of the emerging hip-hop scene. The obvious difference being that this version Boombox is made of flat-pack cardboard and uses smart phone devices instead of C60 mix tapes. Don’t let the ‘build it yourself’ element of this awesome product put you off though, that’s a huge part of the Boombox’s appeal and it only takes about 40 minutes to build it. Not only do you end up with a cool docking station suitable for most smart phones on the market; you also feel quite chuffed (and a little smug) with yourself for summonsing your inner child and being able to actually build it. It’s fun, and when it’s finished it really does look the part.

sliderA_intro_version2 sliderB_stand_out

The dock is available in a variety of colours, although the original cardboard version is very cool. As well as the coloured range it’s also possible to get a blank Boombox and personalise it yourself – in fact the company that make them actually run competitions to see how far artists can push the boundaries on the Boombox. Check out some of the images below to see some really nice examples. Owning a Berlin Boombox will cheer you up immensely, go get one.


Find out more about the Berlin Boombox over at their web site berlinboombox.com