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‘Appy’ Snapping


Smartphones have become so important to us as individuals that they are now are like an additional body part, a part that we feel lost without if we forget to bring it with us or if we should misplace it. With apps to look after every part of our lives it’s sometimes hard to remember how we actually survived without the Smartphone. Rather than being a phone with some additional elements included, they are now more akin to a pocket sized computer capable of all sorts of tasks to make our lives easier. Taking photos is one of the tasks it has become increasingly good at, so much so that the camera’s quality on a phone will sway the customer’s decision on which phone they choose to purchase.

The problem with digital images taken both on an SLR or a Smartphone is that we rarely print them. They generally live on an SD card or an external hard drive, never to be viewed again. Polagram – an app for the Smartphone – aims to rectify that problem with an extremely easy to use system enabling the user to easily print the photos taken on the Smartphone. These prints then are delivered directly to your door – the next day. The app couldn’t be simpler to use and not only can you order regular prints of your images, you can also add them to all sorts of items (iPhone cases, posters etc.) to use as gifts or keep-sakes with a difference. Although this isn’t a new idea, the Polagram app seems to be the first that gets it right and offering next day delivery really makes the process more appealing. Ordering a photo book created from all your Instagram or Facebook images is simple, inexpensive and a great way to quickly print the images stored on your phone. Prints start from around £0.29p for individual photos and large poster collages (20″ x 27″) for around £16; a really cost effective and easy to use app that puts your images where they belong – in a photo book or hung on your wall so that everyone can appreciate your photography skills.photobooks casesHave a look for useful on the Polagram website. A great app, voted in the Top 50 apps available.